Manifest for a New Learning Infrastructure

Liberate the Knowledge and make it available to Google!

We have to abandon the use of serial consumism of programs , web pages , comments, "channel flipping" and scroll downs and demand the return of the experience of Books . Envolvoing, lost in the content for hours.

The learning systems called Learnig Management Systems ( LMS ) are inventions from around 1995. These days they are not much more updated. Most of these systems are operated completely in Flash, leaving millions of smartphones and tablet users out. LMS's are fun for computers! Thats it.

The LMS' have an even more serious flaw then to ignore users with small screens.


They are forcing users to register before allowing the course with the desired information to be seen. No login, No course.

Google will never show links to information of a LMS. In the global internet that's the equivalent of turning off the server.

Open courses... LOL. Google can not index these sites !

And we almost made ​​the same mistake of putting a login.

We need to create sites for small screens courses that are open to Google and Facebook and also allow a student to register their movements between Course Learning Record Store a private and secure .

With the union of ONVOS Bonfire, Tincan API and Watershed LRS we are creating high value multi-media courses that every student in the world can find, study, take the test and report the results to his LRS account at his University in Peking, New York or Moscow.